Monday, May 21, 2012

Made It Monday :: Hannah's Quilt

Done!  I so enjoyed making this quilt!  See it's beginnings here and here

Despite loving it, I have made a blunder or two.  The lack of a walking foot has meant quite a bit of fabric pinching.  And boy oh boy, what's with my binding technique?

But that's it really isn't it?  Every error is actually an opportunity to learn.

Hannah says she likes it and has already had a few snuggles under it.  I told her that if she ever needs a hug from me, just to put the quilt around her shoulders and think of me as it is my virtual hug for her.

I can't wait to start the next two quilts but there's a heap of knitting to get through too!  First thing's first. . .

Edit: 31-5-12 
joining in with Life On Planet Baby's Post of the Month Club


I've included this post in this month's POTMC because I am so fond of this quilt :: collecting the fabrics, designing, piecing, quilting and binding it.  I am also thrilled that my step-daughter loves it.  I was so thrilled in fact that I now have great plans to indulge my new obsession further!  Keep watching this space. xx


  1. Gorgeous, Fiona! Gorgeous!!!!!

  2. Hi Fiona, thanks for saying hello at my blog. I love your vintage quilt. And you are right about it being really similar to the one I made. I see mostly bright florals-which love, in the vintage sheet quilts but this more muted version is such a pretty variation. I love it!

  3. Wow, this quilt is stunning Fiona.

  4. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to visit. You have been so busy creating beautiful things Fiona. This quilt is just stunning I love your choice of colours. xx

  5. You quilters impress me no end! It's just gorgeous!! Thanks for visiting me. I love this POTMC - meeting new people!!

  6. Stunning! I love your combination of fabrics x

  7. Visiting via POTMC - wow, am I impressed!! I've made smaller quilts, so I appreciate the time they take, and would love to tackle a big one sometime. Really really beautiful fabric combination. XOL

  8. Thanks for visiting me!
    I love your quilt- I am sure some of those sheet patterns featured in my childhood!

  9. Oh its such a snuggly beautiful quilt with so many memories and hugs sewn in!!

  10. Oh Fi! You crafty minx. I am so incredibly impressed with your gorgeous handiwork. Making a quilt for Sam is on my 'to do' list. Any tips for a newbie quilter? And thanks so much for joining in the POTMC - it's fabulous to see you here. J x

  11. Beautiful work Fiona, I can whip up a piece of jewellery in minutes, but a sewing machine scares the life out of me!
    Found you through POTMC :)

    1. Hey Lisa, thanks! I was petrified of sewing, seriously! I thought that I held no talent or the mental capacity to learn anything new only 2 years ago. Just decided one day that this is what I want to do and haven't looked back since. xx

  12. Well done. That is one craft that is way off my comfort zone of capability!


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