Thursday, May 24, 2012

I love being in a bind!

Well, only this kind of bind.

The first quilt :: Disappearing 9 Patch

my Circles quilt

Hannah's Quilt

Jacob's (MJ's Quilt

Every time I do the binding, I think, this time I will get it.  And then it just seems like it is up to luck.  I have made 4 quilts now and out of a possible 16 mitred corners, only about 10 are any good.

I will use this tutorial next time which I hope is soon although I am knitting more than sewing right now.

Are you like many crafters and get influenced by the seasons?  I knit all year round but I certainly have a sense of urgency when the weather cools!  But I like to mix it up so I'll be back to sewing real soon (fingers crossed).


  1. Oh Fi, you crafty minx! Well done. I'd love to be in your position of worrying about the binding of a quilt. I've never even started one! J x

  2. Your quilts look lovely. My binding is always a bit hit and miss, too! I don't know that I've even tried to mitre try corners ....
    Popped over from seeing your comment on Ivy Nest ... Since we have the same name :-)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.


Hey thanks for popping by! I read all your comments and really try and get to your blog too. Despite my good intentions, I don't always reply to each message but I am very grateful for the time you take in sharing your thoughts with me. Word verification is back up because I am getting spammed big time. So thanks for taking that extra step in commenting. Blessings, Fi xxxxx

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