Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Week That Was and Looking Forward

For a wrap up of the week that was, I should start with last Sunday as it is technically the first day of the week (contrary to The Wiggles view on days of the week! Pah!) . . . but sadly I can't remember that far back.  Oh dear, I hope we weren't hanging out with anyone- mmm memorable.  We were probably all sick!

Monday :: chilled out with Rachel of Polly's Dolly.  I always come away from there (hours later), feeling very craftily inspired and generally uplifted by our conversations on all things craft, parenting and cooking.  Check out these paintings she did of her children.  Rachel is so talented! And I posted this.

Tuesday :: 
Laurie sent this pic to my phone of our veggie order that she co-ordinated for us.  It was massive!
A day of cooking through the remains of this bounty.  And posted this.  Then daydreamed about the possibilities.

Wednesday :: 

Drama day.  First I posted this. And then the rest of the day began with my step-daughter-in-law going into labour (about time, she was 7 days overdue!).  So I am a nanna - yep in my mid-30s and have toddlers calling me Mummy and soon little Jacob Lee will be calling me Nanna.  I am thinking of going with Cool Nanna Fi.  Nanna's in their 30s are by default cool, do you think?

I cried with joy for my step-son's family and for Rick becoming a Poppy.  And I cried because I won't be having any more babies myself.

But the drama continued.  Liam had his 5th seizure that night, his first since taking seizure preventative medication.  He isn't at full dose yet, so we expected this.  Nevertheless, it was shocking.  It was heart wrenching.  It was hard to watch Liam go through it.  It was hard watching Rick deal with it.  We have a wonderfully kind and sympathetic paediatrician who patiently took my call for advice - thank goodness!

Thursday :: Rick excitedly left for his Son's house 1.45hr up the freeway to see his first grandson.  I was so thrilled.  I stayed back with my boys because I remember all too well, just how overwhelming it is to have your first baby and everyone appearing en mass. I am yet to see the new parents and meet Jacob.  But I am being patient.  And the boys had craft time in the morning (see above) then a playdate with Jen's kids.  Such a fun afternoon!  And I posted this.

Friday :: my mental health day!  Both boys in kindy.  Dean is actually enjoying it now (insert sigh of relief here).  I did get a call from Liam's teacher as he had tremors whilst eating his lunch and then he fell asleep sitting up.  All not very Liam-like things to do.  I reassured her that it was the side effects of the medication and that it is more apparent because we had to increase his dosage after the seizure.

Rick came home from work early and we had a lunch date, followed by early birthday shopping for Liam.  And I got a new winter top on sale.  Stripey, of course!  (see below)  And I posted this.

Saturday :: we didn't know if we were going to visit our grandson or not.  Jacob has been a bit fussy with his mummy's udders and has not been cooperating.  We didn't end up going.  Saturday's we usually go to church but we decided to stay home.  We went out for a drive in Maitland's countryside for an uplifting tonic.  Creation has an amazing uplifting affect on me.

And that was the week.

Today I ::

1. Didn't get to see Jacob but did go for a walk at Newcastle Beach because I was meant to go the baby markets with Jen but couldn't in case we were going to see Jacob. Pah!

iphone photo - so that (ahem) is why it is a dodgy blurry photo ...

Another iphone pic and I obviously can't figure out how to fiddle with contrasts  . . . just imagine a neopolitan effect

I asked Rick to take a photo of me as I don't appear very often on my blog . . .  for good reason (tired mummy eyes for starters)

So I didn't like Rick's photo and insisted that I could take a better one!  Hahaha, so I think we have established that I a) can't model and b)take a good photo, but believe me, when I try I can cook!

2. Made breakfast for lunch - sauteed mushrooms with garlic and tarragon, fried egg and fried tomato seasoned with italian herbs served on an english muffin.  Washed it down with a homemade mocha espresso with two marshmallows thrown in for good measure that melted into a neopolitan-esq mush.  Delish.

3. Made two soups - Creamy Celery Soup (I made it up and surprisingly tasted just like Granny's - stoked) and Curried Zucchini and Butternut Soup (another creation that shocked my tastebuds - I might be a recipe inventor after all!)

4.  Baked Liam's  'special bread' which is actually a gluten-free premix.

5.  Baked Nigella's Venentian Carrot Cake minus the rum from her book Kitchen pg 278 - I borrowed it from the library a few months ago- I copied out the recipe, it's not overdue!  Verdict  - I  L O V E D it!  It is Liam friendly (no wheat) but Rick only liked it.  Too bad, I will be making it again and I could even go another slice before bed.  And as usual I cut back the sugar which I think was a good thing!

6.  Reserved the leaves from the celery to make celery salt (I have made this before to great success but these leaves are for another day as there is only so much time I like to spend in the kitchen!)

7.  Pulled out the last tomato plant, replanted a dwarf dahlia and performed general weeding with general delight.

And tonight, I will knit a sleeve on my cardi.

Gosh, was that all a bit banal? Sometimes, Sundays are just that but I do feel a sense of accomplishment for a change!!

I am looking forward to ::

1.  Meeting Jacob and squeezing his parents
2.  Starting and finishing more knitting, crocheting and sewing projects (thanks to Pinterest!)
3.  The return of my Saviour.  Hope it is soon.

What are you looking forward to?

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  1. That was a busy and delicious looking week! Wish I'd read it before I saw you and your gang today...! Hope to see you later this week....x


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