Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Green Tea Leaves :: Finished

Just as I suspected, it is too small and it is all my fault. The needles I used were way too small.  Nevermind.  It is warm.  A bit snug but no where more evident that on the arms.  I'm scared I am going to rip a hole in it everytime I pull the sleeves up.

I will knit it again seeing as I popped along to Spotty on Sunday and picked up the correct size needles.

The pattern is Tea Leaves by Melissa LaBarre for Madelinetosh (I've seen a few of you knitting this one up!)

The yarn is Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 8 ply in Bracken (dye-lot 014 + 015!!)

Ravelled here

And its journey into being here and here

I don't think blocking will save this one, so its lose weight or give it away!

How are your knitting projects going? 


  1. From the glimpses the photos give it looks like you did a great job. I love the colour. What a shame after all that work that it feels too tight on. Hopefully the new sized needles will produce a winner next time.

  2. What a gorgeous knit...well done Fi :)
    Oh and re: the grey yarn...am happy to have inspired you.

  3. I LOVE it! You could always send it on to me, I am a teeny tiny size ;)
    Or find a place just to hang it prettily and stare at it, I would be doing that after all that work! xx

  4. What a shame about the size! It looks lovely. I am yet to knit or sew something that truly fits me ... So frustrating!
    I love the colour of your cardigan ...


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