Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday WIP Out :: Liam's vest

You know, I haven't knitted any garments for my boys E V E R!  What a slack mummy!!  Unless you count the odd beanie. . . but definitely no jumpers.

So I am madly knitting up this vest so that Liam can wear it over his nice shirt for church.  The delightful Jodi sent it to me with compliments of her mum.  You would have seen a couple of versions of it being sported by young Che.

I'm thinking of going with no hood this time but adding a couple of stripes in grey, white and yellow? Orange? Green?  What colour combo would you go for?

It's getting quite chilly so hopefully this will be off the needs soon (and yes, I am using the correct size needles this time!)


  1. I love Blue and Green xxxxx

  2. Is that a denim coloured yarn Fi or purply? Our oldest boy loved purple as a youngster and lived in everything's a totally hot colour for boys!
    I love the sound of a grey, yellow, white stripe.


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