Thursday, June 21, 2012

From Anticipation to Nonchalance

I was so excited over this.  It was to be my first self-designed slightly complicated quilt.

I selected the fabrics from a FQ bundle and stashed scraps.

I looked for inspiration in Elizabeth's book.

And I even drew a plan, with dimensions and coloured shading in a dedicated notebook.

But upon sorting my embarrassingly small stash today, I stumbled across my little neat bundle of fabrics and notebook, looked at it momentarily and grunted a "hummph!" and tossed it aside. I was not thrilled by it anymore.

I didn't give it another thought and then put the fabrics in a new order, reassigning their position in the stash, tidied up the cupboard and closed the door.  But then I felt a little sad because only 3 months ago, I was really excited about it.  I remember designing it in my head as I was falling asleep and glad to have remembered it in the morning so that I could jot it all down, make measurements and select the fabric.  I enjoyed photographing it and putting it into its position on my mental priority list.  I even had the photos stored in a little file to add to as the quilt was to progress so that I could show you here.

Why didn't I start it?  I really don't know but I am glad I didn't because I don't think it was going to work.  Perhaps I knew that somewhere in the back recesses of my mind.  Or just lost my verve for it.  On the bright side this frees up some fabric for more ideas, now that I am a little wiser (oh yeah, such a great sage of quilting now that I have completed four quilts hahahaha).

How organised are you in the planning of your crafty ventures?  Or are you a craft by the seat of your stash kinda gal?  Do you make plans or even start projects then simply lose interest?  What do you do then?

I suspect that there are quite a few of you who may have WIP buckets full of projects that may never see the light of day again.  Some of you may be able to push through for the sake of completion.  I'm not sure where I sit in the crafty scheme of things but know that it doesn't matter.  Sewing, quilt making, knitting, crocheting, baking, drawing and singing are all things I like to do.  I like to work at doing well at them but I won't let it dictate to me either.  So what if it isn't done, or I used the wrong sized needles?  Move on I say (to myself and then sometimes I tell myself to shut up on get off the soap box)

I think my biggest craft mojo killer is actually Pinterest.  I know! Shock horror! There is so much inspiration and eye candy there.  And I am indulging in it to the point of not doing any myself.  So I think from this moment I will self impose a ban (yeah good luck with that Fi!)



  1. Hahaha! Yes indeedy, good luck with that, Fi! But I know what you mean. Looking at pretty and perfect things all the time can make reality a little challenging. Finding a balance, I spose, is the key??/ I'm yet to find it;) Love your stash of materials. They'll look great together, anyway you end up putting them. x

  2. I think it is fine to change your mind and not complete something...I am a great believer in reinventing so you never know what it may become one day.....You're right about Pintrest...way too much overload.


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