Friday, June 15, 2012

After the craziness I went a thrifting . . .

But first, here is an example of my boys out in public

This was at Maccas in Hervey Bay last week.  They can be such angels (such as the photos I usually share - here are the out takes!) but they can turn into little monsters.  Oh mums and dads, I know you know what I am talking about.

Here they are fighting over the chips.  Liam finished his but Dean likes to savour his food so he still had a few to go.  Well . . . Liam lives by the rule that food is fair game and went for Dean's.  And Dean does not like to be forced into sharing.  There was waling and crying and telling off from both boys and parents.  Fortunately, Rick was with me that day and the two of us are a force to be reckoned with!

However yesterday, the boys saw their opportunity to attack while I was out and about sole parenting.  And the worst place ever, the doctor's surgery.  They were loud, naughty, arguing, destructive while I am asking questions to the doctor about whether or not I should keep Liam on his current dose of seizure prevention medication and are the lumps in his sinuses and neck somehow connected to his seizures?  Can I have a referral to an ENT?  Should I take him to the chiro? Should I get him allergy tested?  Talking about Liam's medical needs is hard enough without the challenge of the little octopuses (octopie?!).  Good grief.  I was glad to get out of there but I walked out with the wrong prescription which I found out later at the pharmacy. And at least a dozen unanswered questions.  And the ones he did answer I couldn't hear! Pah!

When I went to the counter to sign my medicare slip, the receptionist said, "don't worry, we are all mothers, we understand".  So, they could all hear.  I could feel the heat rise up my face in embarrassment.  They probably heard my "Quiet boys!" that I yelped in desperation in the doctor's office.

I rang Rick in tears.  Yes, my boys reduced me to tears which I shed like a busted dam in the car while driving home.  What a morning.

My gorgeous hubby decided that he would be more useful at home.  Even though I told him not to as I was feeling much better, he did come home.  And it didn't take me long to seize the opportunity to run the rest of my errands without the squabbling duo!

So what do most stressed out mother's do when given the chance?  A little retail therapy.  I was a good girl, I went to op shops.

Here's my bounty

1. Some golden books and other children's stories and one for me.
2. How beautiful are these plates?  They are called "Midwinter".  And boy was I feeling midwinter.
3. And finally, another gawdy vintage sheet.  I'm getting quite a collection.  I better get busy as I come closer to the big reveal!

Tell me dear ones, how do you discipline your children in public?  


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