Monday, June 18, 2012

Stuff and Cold lurgy remedies

What a weekend!

Boys were sick - no surprise there as they returned to kindy last week.  Sheesh.

We couldn't go to church on Saturday as they were just too snotty and that isn't the kind of love that I want them to share with our friends.

But Sunday was a glorious almost spring-like day.  We couldn't do what we originally planned due to the lurgies but we did spring clean the house and yard.  Do I sound excited by this?  Well I was excited!  I actually did the weeding that I previously said I probably wouldn't.  We threw out some rubbish for the kerbside collection which is just about gone already due to neighbourhood scroungers.  We wiped down windows, hung out washing and gave the house a good airing.  This lifted my spirits.

I made my men Tania's crumpets.  This recipe makes about a gazillion so I am still chomping on them this morning.  I am going to work on a gluten free/wheat free version so that Liam can eat them too.

My boys are currently hoeing into their usual breakfast: porridge oats, lecithin, chia, raspberries and coconut oil.

I have been doing some research and found a great site Earth Clinic.  Here people share their successful testimonies in using alternative medicines for a number of ailments.  I looked up seizures and found some really useful tips.

So I am including in Liam's diet:

Lecithin - this little granule helps keep your myelin sheath dandy.  Great for the brain
Chia - omega 3 plus! Great for brain.  My kids love them and affectionately call them 'sprinkles'
Raspberries - antioxidant and red
coconut oil - is awesome for your brain and body in general.  See this awesome site for what cold press extra virgin coconut oil can do for your health.

I'm also looking into how to include bicarb soda, potassium, magnesium and B vitamins.  Eliminating wheat has been a good thing and now to rid him of sugar.  I'm taking baby steps as this could potentially overwhelm me.  And I am slowly reforming my diet too.  I won't take Liam off his medicine - Epilim - but I have discussed scaling back his dosage with the paediatrician.  I'm praying this works as I believe in working through nature's medicine cabinet too.

As for my lurgy management, my husband's niece has two little girls and gave me her night time cough remedy last winter.  Boyoboy, it does work and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to get their little ones sleeping through the night instead of coughing.

This is an external application so don't panic at the use of metho!

Dean's eyes are so bright this morning after getting a good night's rest

Night time cough remedy

1 part methylated spirits
2 parts apple cider vinegar
3 parts warm water
2 hankies

I use a soup spoon for measurement and pour all ingredients into a shallow bowl.  Fold one hankie in half diagonally and then keep folding to create a neck tie.  Dip this into the mixture and fully saturate then wring out and tie around your child's throat.  Grab the second hankie and fold into a neck tie.  Place this dry hankie over the wet one around the neck.  Kiss your baby good night and see a sunshiney, fully slept child in the morning.  

I also cut a fresh onion into quarters and place in a dish in their room on a daily basis.  Onions absorb lurgies, so throw out after they go dry, do not use to eat.

The boys have finished their breakky.  I'll plonk them in front of channel 22  while I grab a cuppa and crumpet before we start our morning craft and lesson time.  I'm in the mood for music!

Have a happy monday



  1. So glad the crumpets turned out well for you. I know, it does make heaps, but here they disappear with in a day or so for breakfast and snacks. I love the sounds of that cough remedy. Though we haven't needed it yet this year the dreaded colds always hit in Winter and this looks like a good simple remedy to try. Thank you!

  2. Aren't those crumpets great? I too made a batch on the weekend and we ate the last of them this morning.
    Earth clinic is a site I discovered a few months back in my quest to find a natural remedy for treating high has a wealth of information.
    I will have to try that night time remedy as we all have a touch of the flu at the moment...thank goodness for some sunshine today :)

  3. I'm so making Tania's crumpets this weekend! I don't want to be the odd one out;) Isn't onion incredible. I've only just found out about using onion like this a few months ago. So glad you've found something that works and hope your home is germ free very soon. xx


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