Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Knit in Perspective

KNOCK KNOCK!  The knocks were so loud I jumped as it was more of a knock-down-the-door-knock than a please-answer-the-door-knock.  I think a crack may have formed above my front door!

A burly delivery man was standing at my door, holding a large bag from my favourite yarn store.
"Going to do a bit of knitting then?"
"Yes! . . .  I am a bit of a knitting nerd . . . . expecting an old lady weren't you?" I smiled.
He was halfway down the stairs heading back to his van, when he stopped, looked back laughing "Yes I was actually!"

I'm not ashamed of my knitting nerdiness.  And I can see in this blogosphere that I am no tragic.  There are younger and more addicted (and talented) knitters and crocheters out there.  But I am happy to do my bit to change the perception of yarn crafts being for the over 60's and eighties tragics.  And I am ecstatic that I am actually loving knitting.  That I am yearning to improve my crocheting.  That I trawl yarn suppliers online and snoop around your Ravelry offerings.

I love buying my yarn locally, but I do look forward to trying some imports soon.  Just got to work through this lot first (plus the rest of it!).

So this lot is destined to become:

1. A jumper
2. A cardi
3. 3 pairs of slippers
4. 12 dishcloths
5. 2 beanies
6. And stashed for a scrappy blankie.

I'm giddy with excitement.

What you working on?


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  1. Ah, these colours look gorgeous! I love the size of the balls of yarn that come from Bendigo Woollen Mills - no worries about running out half way through. Love that hot pink best.


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