Monday, July 16, 2012

Thieves Oil


What an oil!

I had a recent sinus problem.  My first ever.  The chiro relieved the pain but the infection was still there.  What to do?  It was flaring up everyday and I was tired of popping pills.

My SIL told me about essential oils and found this info for me.  So one capsule filled with 10 drops of Thieves oil and 3 drops of frankincense, taken before bed one night totally did the job.  The next morning the infection had gone!  No more pressure and the mucous gone!  After two weeks of suffering with no end in sight, my miracle oils killed the infection in one hit!  Whoop whoop! (Can you tell by my overuse of exclamation marks that I am H A P P Y ?!!)

It is called Thieves oil as a similar blend of oils were used by thieves during the bubonic plague in France.  There are a few stories floating around but this one seems to be the general consensus.  So whether they were robbing the dead bodies and exchanged the recipe for leniency or were caught before the plague and were punished by burying the plague victims, these robbers are the inspiration for such an awesome oil blend today.

Have you used essential oils before?  What is your favourite?
Do you have a go-to natural remedy?

What joy to be able to breath through my nose again!  *sigh*



  1. So interesting...never heard of it but have friends that suffer badly ...might pass this on to them xx Glad you are so much better.

  2. It's funny, I read about thieves oil for the first time last week, but being relatively healthy, I didn't explore it much further. Yesterday I came down with a cold so I'm more interested now :) Is it just for sinus infections or for the common cold too? And when you say you had a 'capsule' is this how you buy thieves oil? In capsule form?

    I also read last week about these oil filled 'cakes' you can make out of essential oils, bic-carb and a few other ingredients that you pop into the shower and the steam and the oils released are meant to help with colds and congestion too.

    1. Oh those shower cakes sound good. but it might mean me staying in the shower too long hahahaha.

      You buy the oil in a bottle. It is very important you get the therapeutic grade stuff otherwise ingestion is not recommended. I used Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a distributor of it but I am sure you can use their site to find where you can purchase (I got mine from my sister in law). As to the capsule, I bought empty capsules from the healthfood store and filled it myself.

      Click on the link in the post to see a list of what the oil is good for but yes, primarily for colds.

      Let me know if you go ahead with it and tell me how it goes! I'm really intrigued by essential oils.


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