Monday, July 23, 2012

You know you love knitting when . . .

 . . . you win Kate's giveaway and feel like you've won lotto!

Yes, the random number generator (believe me it would have to be random to select my comment), selected my entry and now I am like a kid in a lolly shop trying to decide which 5 Tikki patterns to choose.

It would be good if Georgie's designs were few, but there are quite a number AND they are ALL good!

Have you checked out Georgie's Tikki Pattern Store?

Have you knitted one of her clever yet simple patterns?

I have only knitted one of her patterns, Jane (pictured above) which I showed you last week.

But that is all about to change Whoop Whoop!!

Thanks Kate so much for this giveaway, but more than that, for being such a supporter of yarn crafts, for churning out beautiful creations, that you photograph so beautifully on your gorgeous models.  And thanks Georgie for your wonderful  patterns.

Right-o, all I have to do now is buy more yarn!  Coz a girl can't have enough yarn.



  1. CONGRATULATIONS! And you're so right, there is no such thing as having too much yarn!

  2. Oh I am so happy that you are the lucky winner!!!!!


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