Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Eating Coconut Oil

I have been converted to coconut oil.  
I spread it on my bread instead of butter or marg.
I mix it into my boys' porridge.
I can't get enough of it.
Because it is good for you!  Yes it is!  Read here for some awesome information on how it might help you with:
* reversing the effects of Altzheimer's
* diabetes
* metabolism
* weightloss
* Candida
* skin conditions
and so on!

I am giving it to Liam to help his brain function and general well-being
I am eating it to lose weight, control my sugar addiction, increase my energy levels and keep my cholesterol in check.  And to help my memory.

This is how I ate it today!

My favourite bread is Aldi's Pane di Casa.  Does your Aldi have this bread too?  I know it is not everywhere (couldn't get it in Hervey Bay for instance). Try it.  It is so yummy and chewy and when toasted it is crunchy as!  I have even dipped it into melted chocolate for a quick churros alternative.  And Aldi's bread apparently has no preservatives.  Good-o!

Toast it, spread it with extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil, top with sliced banana and lightly sprinkle it with cinnamon.  You will thank me for it hahaha.  The coconut oil offers a slight extra tropical flavour but isn't over powering.

Y U M M O!

Hop over here for some great recipes too!

Do you like to include a particular food into your day for health benefits?  



  1. Hi Fiona,
    I bought a jar of coconut oil at the Newcastle Farmers markets last weekend. I have read some amazing things about it. I have rubbed it direct on my skin for my eczema but have not yet tried eating it. I may just go try some today after your inspiring post!

  2. You have inspired and converted me! I just blogged it and have linked back to you here!


    1. I just love love love coconut oil! Glad you have taken the gastronomic plunge. I would bath in it too if I could! xx

  3. I will be sure to look out for some - what a great list of benefits. I have had high cholesterol so must look into this more...


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