Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tiago's washcloth WIP

Thanks for all your comments on my watermelon dishcloth.  I feel like I have a bit of a knitting groove happening for the simple, functional and fun.  Dishcloths are going to be my new junk knitting- you know, the quickies between the biggies.  I think I might leave my usual junk-knits, the beanies, alone for a while and churn out more dishies.

I asked yesterday if you knew whether Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton is any good as a hardworking dishcloth but alas no one has used it so you advised to just try it out myself.  So I will!  And I will report back here with my conclusion.

Right now though, seeing as the cotton is super soft, I am knitting a couple of wash cloths to give to a brand new human, Tiago.

I'm free-styling with a good old simple stitch combo (K4, P4, repeat) x 4 rows, swap.

Then I thought I would mix it up a little and toss in 4 rows of seed stitch.  Pattern is therefore 12 rows which I think I will repeat a few times but end on row 8 of pattern.

I am using the colour Parchment and I will attempt do a simple crochet boarder in Latte.  Any advice?  How would you do the boarder?

And I will make another in the reverse colour combo or perhaps with green.  But I think the second one will be a different pattern. Either way, I have to have it finished by Friday!

This is a welcome distraction right now as I have started another project for me, well . . . hoping that I get to keep it . . .  not like my Green Tea Leaves which now warms my beautiful Mother in Law's (Mam) shoulders.  I have pulled the first 3 rows back several times as I'm getting in a muddle over M1L and M1R, right side vs wrong side.  My stitch markers never seem to be in the right spot.  It doesn't help that I keep attacking attempting the pattern at night, in front of the telly.  But I am super excited about it and can't wait to show you.

Right-i-o then, I better be off.  It's a drizzly day in these parts and my micro men are restless.  I promised that they could watch Play School and then I will take them to Bunnings!  They love Bunnings hahahaha.

Happy Tuesday Peeps!



  1. All boys like Bunnings, big or small, it is like their Disneyland.

  2. Love the freestyle pattern Fi :)
    Are you thinking of a single crochet boarder or something a bit more elaborate? If doing a single crochet start just after a corner and when you reach the corners do a sc, ch 1, sc.

  3. I am totally jealous of your knitting skills!! xxx

  4. love the texture! so simple yet pretty~ About edging, I am not sure what kind you would like. You can go with as simple as 'sc' or if i were you, i would do 2-3 sc in every stitch, so it would looks a big girly and pretty~ :) Good luck!

  5. This looks so soft! I have no knitting skills so no advice to pass on! I'm sure it will be really appreciated.


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