Thursday, July 26, 2012

Knitting in Public :: The Perfect Spot!

Remember on Tuesday I said I was off to take the boys to Bunnings?

Well, I took my knitting too!  The very wash cloth I was telling you about.  And let me just say that Bunnings is the perfect place to take kids to get some knitting done.  I put them in the cage playground to play (this photo is staged, they were happily playing not desperate to get out!), sat down in the comfy outdoor seating display and clickety-clicked to my heart's content.

And Voila!  It is finished.

Thanks also for the tips on how to crochet the edge.  Seeing as the young recipient is a boy, I thought simple and un-frilly would be best.  My crocheting definitely leaves much to be desired so I may ask Tiago's mummy to remove her glasses when opening the present to get my best chance at a good first impression!

I think odd-numbered gifts work nicely, so I am knitting up another free-styled cloth and will buy some Gaia baby wash to complete the pressie.

Deets for Tiago's wash cloth #1, including my pattern, is Ravelled here.



  1. Hello Brave New Fiona! Thanks for popping by my blog : )

    I'm quite enjoying checking yours out as well. Have a FANTASTIC day!

    Monika K.
    sewing in Saskatoon

  2. We all know that it is not the perfection in the gift that is important but that you took time to make and gift it...great job...Bunnings original XXXXX


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