Monday, January 3, 2011

Inspiration: A Brave & New Life

I am very inspired by other people.  Take for instance my friend/relative Sharon (we're related by a few double-beds removed as someone I know used to say!).  I saw Sharon on Christmas day and had to double-take her.  She looked different . . . she'd lost weight, a significant amount but that wasn't the only difference.  Sharon had an amazing 'presence' about her- a new self confidence, a new take on life?  I don't know, I had only met her once before.  But she was different and radiant.  As we got chatting she began telling me what she had been up to since I had last seen her some 7 or so months ago.  She had quit her business of 7 years and has begun cake decorating and a new business!  I was stunned!  The first time I had met Sharon was at her daughter's engagement party where she made a very yummy cheese cake that was meticulously piped in tiny cream swirls forming a heart.

Me: "Hey Sharon, nice cake, how long have you been cake decorating for?"
Sharon: "Never done it before, this is the first time"
Me: incredulously exclaiming (I am a gusher afterall) "You're kidding?!  That is beautiful.  You know, you should really get into cake decorating".

Only a couple of months later, Sharon made this cake for her daughter's wedding. 

Sensational.  And now she is working on her other daughter's wedding cake.  I am soooo inspired by Sharon.  Look what she has been doing since!

Sharon has been teaching herself this new skill from a book and online tutorials.  Sharon is living a Brave & New life!

I don't take credit for Sharon getting into cake decorating, but I do believe I am a feather that helped pushed her over the edge to do it.  When I showed Sharon this post (to make sure she wasn't embarrassed by it), she said "you can take credit for the push as you planted the seed in the ol brain".  People tell me I am a gusher but you know, some people need to hear praise, affirmation and encouragement. I do and I will not stop gushing over other people!

Do you know someone living a Brave & New life?  Are you making changes in your life, doing things you have put off for years or are you needing a little encouragement?  Tell me, I'd love to hear from you (and encourage you)!

xxx BNF

PS I couldn't end this post without a then & now of our lovely Sharon.  Well done!!

Then (12 months ago)



  1. It's amazing how taking a leap of faith can have such a positive impact. Sharon really is walking the walk and good for her. The wedding cake is stunning!!

  2. Hi Fiona Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my post the other day and for becoming a Planetarian. You're a sweetheart.

    Good for you, starting your own blog - I'm now following you, too! If you need any blogging tips as a newbie, I just added a 'Blogging tips' tab at the top of my blog which might help. Welcome to Blogland! J x

  3. Thanks Jane- I get overwhelmed really easily especially with things that seem really complex but I know arent that hard ie blogging. I will definitely be checking out your 'blogging tips'. xxx Fi


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