Monday, January 10, 2011

Rebirth or Recycling?

One of the wonderful aspects of doing crafty things is the rebirth of the tired and old- ok, we can call this recycling but that has a thousand-plastic-bottles-crushed-down-to-make-one-park-bench kind of feel.  I'm talking more about giving old somethings a makeover and a new lease on life.

Here are my rebirthing projects:

Revamp this coffee table

This coffee table once belonged to my parents-in-law.
The stain is dreadful but the timber is good
 When my mother-in-law had this table made, she thoughtfully had the corners rounded off with the safety of small children in mind.  That is one of the reasons I would like to keep it!

Not my most flattering angle!

Looks like I am doing all the work but Rick helped out with the groovy bits!
So step one is sanding, sanding and then, you guessed it sanding.  Then step two is to apply an acrylic sealer-undercoat (tinted - 2 coats) then probably just one coat of the colour.  After discussions with Rick, we think an oil-based paint would be harder wearing even though there is a great acrylic enamel available.  I'll surprise you with the colour! That's because we have decided twice now on two different colours- this could change again!
And cheer up this toddler table and chairs
A friend gave me this table as her children have out-grown it.
The stickers were to cover up some missing paint caused by her son
trying to 'clean' it with a broken airfreshner concentrate bottle- it smells great!

The first fun part is the argument discussion one has with hubby over colour scheme and purpose.  The second is the cost!  Paint isn't cheap and the more colours you want to slap on the higher the dollars (and the less the desirability of rebirthing instead of good old fashion capitalistic purchasing!).

Me: Do you feel like going to Bunnings?
Rick: *leaping to feet* I'll get the kids in the car!
Me: I wouldn't have gotten such a response if I asked if you felt like a trip to Spotlight!
Rick: Mmmm  . . .  I still would have taken you but the boys and I would be in the cafe opposite.

Once I get Liam to wear a hat, I don't tell him to take if off indoors, this only confuses him!
Aren't those trolleys gorgeous?!
The inspiration for my colour scheme comes from Janelle Wind's book Pieces of Me

I can't wait to show you the end product!

Might be a couple of weeks, planning a party this week!

xxx BNF

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  1. This is me to a tee Fi....upcycling pre-loved pieces and giving them a new lease on life. We have many pieces furnishing our home that have either had or waiting to have the treatment.
    Am loving your colour inspiration...just gorgeous!!


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