Sunday, January 2, 2011

Zumba Day Ten

Day 10

I have learnt some very good lessons these past 10 days. 

1.  Never give up even though you are not sticking exactly to the challenge
2.  Never plan a Zumba Challenge during the busiest time in the year on the homefront

This weekend we had impromptu house guests.  The perfect kind!  I love spontaneity, I love catching up with friends from out of town and of course, seeing my youngest Step Son.  Guests that were coming for lunch on Saturday stayed until after dinner on Sunday.  My kids had the best time and I felt wonderful being able to cook and entertain.  I got out three different table cloths- woo hoo!

So, Zumba day 9 & 10 fell by the wayside.  Am I worried?  No, I did 50% of the challenge which is more than what I had been doing.  I lost only 1kg (an incidental weigh-in at a friend's house), but that aint bad considering the amount of chocolate that was consumed.  I haven't retaken my measurements yet as dinner is still making me feel a little bloated . . . in the morning perhaps.  I have lost a kilo a month since moving to Port Stephens so I am happy!

Will I continue with Zumba?  Yes of course- heaps of fun!  Have I lost a dress size?  Perhaps half a dress size if I did only 50% of the workouts . . . I began wearing a pair of pyjamas that I haven't been able to wear since having children so I think that counts for something!

I hope you enjoyed this challenge and perhaps gained some inspiration and courage from it.  I have really appreciated the comments on this blog and on facebook from you guys.

I'm taking a break from new challenges, concentrating on old ones like eating 2 meals a day and completing my knitting!  But I will tinker with the new sewing machine.  Photos and details to come!

Until then much love and blessings from me to you for 2011!

xxx BNF

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