Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ooo, I want!

Image source: Donna Hay General Store online
Are you a 'List Person'? 
I am. 
I keep lists.
I like to write in lists. 
Bit irratic
Makes sense to me, but

My latest list is- Oooo I Want! (Just want- can't justify the buy)

Striped Paper Straws from Donna Hay General Store (pictured above)

image source

image source

Heavy little buggers but I love that they can go from stove to oven plus look good.  Cream is the safe colour, but what do you think of citrus? Oooo ooo ooo or pistachio?!

image source
image source

Then comes the freezer chest (no particular make)
coffee table (yet truly discover one Rick and I can agree on!)
Dream House (can't show you this as it is all in my dreams.  Will do a collage of rooms collected from magazines from over the years one day!)
And of course the Ninjabread Men Cutters that NO ONE got me for Christmas! :-) see here

Plus plenty more depending on the mood or room I am in!

When I dwell on this list, I feel poor!  But I have discovered the quickest way to get rich is to stop wanting so much!  So I only think about this list when I don't mind feeling poor.  Before you go touting me as materialistic, I do dwell on other things too!  Ah ah!  I just thought of another list:  Things I Dwell On (you might not find that list so interesting!  I guess the crux of it will be evident in this blog anyway!!)

What's on your 'Oooo I Want!' list?

xxx BNF


  1. I am a list girl from way back...lists for it a compulsion but I just can't help myself.

    We had those straws for my son's lst b'day in Dec...they rock.

    My wants list at the moment focus's more on inner work within myself but there are plenty of material things that could be added to it.

  2. Tammi - that is an excellent 'want' list - it will soon, if it hasn't already, become an 'I am' list. Blessings on the inner work- you can tick off "be a warm and friendly person" :-) which i am sure was never on the list because no one wants what they already have!!! xx

  3. love lists because it makes me feel like I'm doing something when I'm really sitting down thinking and making plans!

    oh I think we'd like each other as I have an almond kitchen aid and love it! Retro daddy picked out the colour when I was in hospital having the twins and he did well. It's a retro colour and will go in any kitchen. I do love mine as I can walk around the kitchen, do other things and it's working for me!

    so glad to find your blog and thanks for visiting mine! I'm trying really hard this year to get around, reply back to comments and visit more of my readers!!!

    oh and I'd love some le creuset too! I grew up with my mum's set which she picked up in england and it was expensive for them back then but it's still going strong and is built to last! an investment!


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