Thursday, January 6, 2011

My baby has been on the outside for almost 12 months!

Most people tell me that my little man, Dean is such a happy baby . . . well he is but I couldn't help dispelling the rumour with this grizzly photo.

We are having a 1st birthday party for him Sunday week and have invited available family only.  I didn't throw Liam a party (feeling a little guilty but I wasn't in a good headspace back then to do it), so this is the first time I have planned a children's party!  Aarrggghh, looks so easy when you go to other peoples'.

But I am a keep-it-simple kinda girl and I don't mind it looking simple too (I'm not a houdini!).  But I am setting myself a little challenge (This is the Brave & New blog afterall). 

So here it is:

Sky High Cupcakes from Notebook's 'The Little Book of Cupcakes & Cookies'
(image photographed from book- no online source- that I could find anyway!)
The challenge?  Well, I have never worked with fondant icing before and am not reknowned for my eye for detail let alone delicacy with my fingers!  But these cupcakes are just gorgeous!  We live not far from the RAAF and we are subject to heaps of LOUD jetplanes flying over at random times... so it seems fitting to have an aerial theme (and I didn't think a military theme was appropriate for a one year old!!).  Now I need to find a mini aeroplane cookie cutter (so far this is eluding me!).  If not, a normal sized one will do and I will make a normal sized cake instead (or aswell).

Have you worked with fondant?  Do you have any tips for me?  Please feel free to link your blog page as pictures speak loudest to me. 

I can't wait to show you my version... even if they turn out disastrous!

xxx BNF

PS I can't express the mixed feelings I have over the fact that my baby is so much less a baby these days - thank goodness he still doesn't have teeth, I just love that gummy smile.  And today I caught myself just staring at my sons... I am so in love with them!


  1. I so know of the love that you speak...I am so in love with all of my babies too, though they are not babies anymore.
    Parties are so fun to plan, we have done all ours ourselves and kept it fairly simple. Good luck with the planning and execution of Dean's big day, I am sure it will create many treasured memories.

  2. Thanks Tammi! Yes, happy memory making is a huge part of parenting even if the adults are the only ones who will remember this party.
    xxx Fi

  3. Cool cupcakes!
    I got cold feet when it came to trying to work with Fondant icing but hear that it's really quite easy. Can't wait to see how you go!
    As for planning the party, I wish I began a month in advance instead of a week because the yard alone took that long to fix up. If you don't mind asking your family for it!!! I tried to do it all my self the first time and was wrecked for the party.
    Love this pic of Dean!


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