Friday, December 31, 2010

Zumba - Day Eight

Day Eight

Today starts with me thinking about when I should do Zumba.  When I catch myself thinking like that it usually means I don't want to do it really otherwise I wouldn't be thinking about it, I would just do it!  So, after I put Bubs down for his morning kip, I hop on the computer.  Then I hear it!  Zumba music!  Liam has decided HE wants to Zumba.  I'm starting to think that he is my personal trainer.  I mean, Rick has given up, he'd rather work, so my new Zumba buddy is my 2 year old son.

As Liam and I are Zumba-ing away, Rick walks in (he only had a small job on this morning), looks at us, looks at the TV and then flops on the lounge. 

Me: "Do I look as retarded as I feel doing this move?"
Rick: "Yep"  He's over it.  Gee thanks.

Well, it is done for another day and I am thinking, will I continue this after the 10 days?  How long does it take for a good habit to form?  Only two more workouts before measurement time!

I haven't heard much from you lately . . . methinks it's only me and Liam now.  We'll soldier on!

xxx BNF


  1. haha, yep. It's just you and Liam :(

    David STILL hasn't fixed the DVD for me which me, being the Tech avoidance person I am find it too difficult to figure out! Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it ;P
    I'm very impressed with you though! And I can't believe Liam!! He's quite the dedicated clever cookie :-)
    I still enjoy reading your progress, so keep them coming xx

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