Sunday, December 12, 2010

My 1st Sewing Lesson

My Friday's are usually very busy.  It is the day that I like to clean the house top to bottom, get the beds made with fresh linen, and prepare meals for that evening, next day lunch and sometimes next evening too.  Did you know the bible calls Friday 'Preparation Day'?  Well, it appears I take it seriously as preparation is what I seem to do mostly then.  Shall I admit here that I hate mopping and usually fail to complete that task?  Well it seems I just did admit it but to put your minds at rest, we are not living with grotty floors, my wonderful Hubby does it (I do promise everytime that I will do it next time- only promise I seem to regularly break!)

Well, last Friday was a little different.  Jen from is a very special friend of mine (friendship spanning 25 years!) and has graciously taken the task of teaching me to sew!  I am not one of those people with fearless initiative to take on new things but she is and she is brilliant at it!  I'm so blessed to have a personal sewing teacher.  Friday was our first lesson (shared with another sewing enthusiast found online). 

Not a lot of sewing is happening in this pic and that is because I didn't actually get to sew!  But you can't sew until you cut - so lesson one was 'Cutting out the Pattern'.  How awesome is that fabric?  I can't tell you anything about the fabric as Jen supplied it but I do know the pattern is from the O+S range - a shirt for my 2yo son (who is mad mad mad on guitars!).  And that smile on my face was not for the benefit of the photo, I am genuinely stoked (and terribly nervous) to be cutting out my first pattern.  Hooray!

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