Thursday, December 9, 2010

Quilt challenge - TBA

Well, one of the challenges I am giving myself is to get crafty. I have always had a facination with crafty things but dared not attempt!  Fear, laziness, high standards, uptightness  . . . whatever it was that stopped me, that is going to stop!  I used to buy all the homey magazines (that's homey as in homes not as in rollin with my homies) and would drool over all the lovely hand made things. 

I have completed a small amount of knitted things (jumper, scarf, child's cardi and mobile phone pocket!) but it is the 10 year old unfinished jumper that has moved with me like an old pet to every home I've lived in that is bugging me.  So recently, I did something "brave new Fiona" and picked it up again.  I quickly realised why put it down in the first place - I couldn't understand the knitting pattern, couldn't count and really couldn't do the cable feature down the middle!  I started it in my impatient 20's and miraculously now in my 30's I am really noticing the difference!  Somewhere in the past few years I became more patient.  Woo hoo!  Have you noticed that about you?

I have taken photos of my knitting but haven't yet figured out how to download them off the camera- waiting for hubby to show me or rather, figure it out together as he hasn't downloaded any pics yet either.  I'll post them ASAP

Now to the quilt challenge.  As the end of my knitting quest is coming to an end (finally!) I am going to learn to sew.  My friend Jen has volunteered to show me and has even started me off by supplying me with circles that she cut out (she must know that me and scissors don't equal precision!).  I'll post them up later too.  Jen has done a good job at sparking my interest as I have been trawling the web for fabrics (oh my, how addictive is that?!) and for designs.  As I don't own a sewing machine (yet) I thought I would start with handsewing some hexagons.  And then I found this quilt!
It is from this beautiful barn in Victoria Red Brick Barn that I first saw on
First challenge is to figure out how many hexagons there are!  Or perhaps I can find a similar pattern on the web.  Any one got any ideas?

As for my 2 meal thing. . . I've done well but I have snacked today!  Arrgghh . . . one chocolate covered biscuit and one ANZAC biscuit . . . . I'm definitely hormonal. 

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