Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Humble Thanks - Singing Heart!

Shall I describe myself as a random gift giver?  Is that just a nice label for someone who doesn't always give christmas or birthday gifts?  Perhaps.  I like to give gifts for no reason, just because I saw something that I knew the recipient would love; just because I have this sudden urge to show my love for the recipient in material things; just because!  That doesn't mean I turn my nose up at the conventional gift-giving moments, but I have to say, I hate being told when to give a gift- And right now, everywhere I turn I am being reminded that I have to give gifts!  Hey, I like to give gifts out of season!  I like this because I like to receive gifts out of season like the flowers that I receive from my husband on a random date for no apparent reason make my heart sing!  I know I am going to get flowers on my birthday, mother's day and anniversary- but the surprise flowers are the best. 

So it is the unexpected gifts that I cherish greatly.  Take for instance these lovely icecream bowls

These almost duck-egg blue bowls were a gift from Beth & Shelley.  Aren't they beautiful?  I just want to load them up with scoops of brightly coloured sorbets and gelatos!  They make me wish I had an icecream churner so I could conjure up my own icey-sticky treats all summer. 

Since we moved up near Newcastle, our lovely friends, Beth & Shelley have been our dinner & canasta guests a few times.  Yes, it is Christmas but I didn't expect a gift from them!  They are so thoughtful and kind and we have a riot every time they come over. Who else can we Zumba with late at night after Nutella Cake?  Who else loves the groovy moves of the random dancer from Tracy Chapman's Give Me One Reason music vid?

Bella Beth
Shelley getting pummelled by Liam

Canasta- Shelley has to play an open hand under the table!
The bowls are a gift but I must say they really are a reminder of the true gift of friendship that Rick, the boys and I share with these two lovely people! 

And then there's my gal pal Jen.  I was surprised recently with this lovely piece of homemade love

I love hand made gifts and this is going to be cherished as again, it is a reminder of our friendship.  You can see how Jen made it here.

And the random gifts keep coming!  Today I received this beautiful book in the mail from Rachel- what a sweetie! 

Just after the postie knocked on the door with the book, my other Rachel friend popped over bearing these luscious babies.  I love herbs soooo much.  A gift that keeps giving (as long as my thumb gets green!)

And I can't end this post without a MEGA THANKS to Julie & Fraser for the yummy homebaked biscuits and Lindt chockies (camera wasn't quick enough- Rick and I can inhale chocolates!) and to Shelly L for the scrumptious chocolate-dipped star-shaped butter biscuits (another inhaler- sorry no photos!!).  These gifts were a total surprised and were loved!

What have you been given that makes your heart sing?  Tell me, I love a good story!

xxx BNF


  1. Correction: Shelley has to play an open foot under the table haha!

  2. Hahaha, yes that's right.

    Dad joke: "my hand's so bad it's a foot!"- classic


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