Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last lazy day for 10 days!

A reminder that the Zumba 10-day Challenge commences tomorrow!  Today is your last lazy day for 10 days.  You and I can do it! 

Ok, I have taken my measurements (not weighing as we broke the scales- a slight motivating factor don't you think?!) and in addition to you, I have gotten myself a physical buddy to work out with.  Yes, my beloved Rick is going to shake his toosh with me!  He has promised to get up with me before the kids (arrgghhh 6 am!) for the workout.  Now even though we need to work out for an hour, I think I am only getting 30 mins from him.  Let's see how we go.

So, have you got your buddy ready?  If they don't want to do the 10-day Challenge, grab someone different each day!  Get your tape measure and measure where you want to see a difference (belly, waist, thighs, bust, arms etc) and jot it down.  Don't look at it again for 10 days.

Tonight, have your last hurrah with slothing on the lounge as tomorrow is the start of the new you!

Are you ready?

xxx BNF


  1. I have a family Christmas tomorrow night but I'm not letting that stop me! Great advice to measure instead of weigh since the weighing is what made me give up last time even though I could see results. I'm imagining the nice new wardrobe we'll be diving into after this. Our old clothes :D WOOHOO!! Go FI....and go RICK!

  2. Yeah Jenny! Same here, hence the early start. The hardest challenge is zumba-ing on Christmas. Will have to wait til the sun goes down and hope I don't get a stitch after all the food expected to be eaten . . . might have to double up on Sunday instead!! hahahaha

    Hey yeah, my old 'skinny' clothes are boxed up in crates- can't wait.

    Thanks for joining us in the challenge babe!! xxx


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