Friday, December 24, 2010

Zumba - Day One

Day One

6.09 am - no alarm, don't need one as Rick is either up or awake at this time.  I am usually trying not to wake up and this morning was no different.  Rick was up and I thought 'oops, he's ready and I am not' . . . well no, he got up but was coming straight back to bed!  I jumped out as I knew that if I didn't seize the moment it would pass and I would have failed the challenge before I even started!! 

Kids were awake too so they joined us (we tripped over them- poor fellas!).

Me: Who are you watching on the screen, the man or the women?
Rick: I'm not really looking . . .

We were puffed by the end of the warmup but persevered, baby on hips, toddler under feet.  I got a stitch halfway through and Rick (because of his terrible head cold) sat out the last third, holding the baby who was screaming to join in the fun again. 

Day two is going to be the real test!  Zumba is scheduled for the evening after we get back from a 1.5 hr trip. . . . this one is going to hurt. . . .


  1. Just so you know, I did it! 10:30am and also had Elijah in the room trying desperately to sidetrack me.
    The problem is, he never gives me enough time to learn the moves properly enough to move past beginners. I began with beginners again but skipped to rapido but fluked my way through some steps there. At least my total was an hour and got a bit puffed :) A bit drained from the late night last night but I'm glad to have your challenge to motivate me! Thanks!

  2. AHAHAHAH i remember i asked Beth who she was watching on the screen!
    I look at the male because he has big abs!!
    And Beth watched the woman.
    I personally think the male is better because he designed the whole of ZUMMMBA!!! :)
    Looking forward to seeing your ZUMBA BODY!! xx


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