Saturday, December 4, 2010

Eye's closed and not thinking too hard about it

From the outset, I must begin this blog with a pledge. I will:
1. not use this blog to whinge
2. not use this blog to bad mouth others (unless fake names are used and it is essential!)
3. try to be unboring

I am new to blogging - both ways - not just writing but following.  I am not what you call an 'early-adopter' of new things (usually the last one to try something!).  I'm X-gen but virtually sitting on the cusp of Y-gen, yet I had to get my stepdaughter to sign me up to facebook!  But this blog is named Brave New Me as I am going to do some new things myself!  And it seems, after a brief perusal of other blogs, that blogging is an excellent way of recording life, sharing thoughts, sewing patterns and recipes!  Toss in a little accountability (ie updating blog) and I have great mix for the 'new me' (apart from sewing patterns cuz I can't sew!).

Well, I actually started writing this blog on a piece of paper because I was turned off by actually going on line and figuring out how to start a blog - not a good start to the 'new me'.  In fact, pathetically, some of this blog is copied from my notes from a couple of days ago.  That is ok, I'm here now.

I may have already broken pledge point #3 . . . I'll work on it.

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  1. Welcome fellow blogging friend, I have not long started blogging myself and am finding it pretty refreshing actually...sounds kinda tragic but as a stay at home mum of five it's an outlet for me to rave on about whatever takes my fancy. I look forward to seeing your progress.
    Happy Blogging
    Tammi :)
    p.s came via retromummy


Hey thanks for popping by! I read all your comments and really try and get to your blog too. Despite my good intentions, I don't always reply to each message but I am very grateful for the time you take in sharing your thoughts with me. Word verification is back up because I am getting spammed big time. So thanks for taking that extra step in commenting. Blessings, Fi xxxxx

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