Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Zumba Challenge over Christmas

I hate New Year's Resolutions so instead of pledging to be a better person from 1 January 2011, I have decided that my final challenge for 2010 is the Zumba challenge, starting before 2011.  Zumba reckon that if you do their hour-long workout everyday for 10 days, you will lose a dress size!  That means post baby me will go from a 16 to 14 in only 10 days.  And what better time to do it but over the Christmas/New Year break- if only to equalise the food gorging expected to take place and therefore I may just stay the size I am (better than getting bigger).

So who's with me?  Sign up by leaving a comment below and check in everyday for my updates and we can support eachother!  Let's start Friday, Christmas Eve 2010 and finish on Sunday 2 Jan 2011.  The prize is the brand new body you will have, the energy gained and the satisfaction of rising to this challenge- 10 days over Christmas! (yes I am crazy- had all year to do this!!)

If you don't have the DVDs you can join a class or ask around as I am sure every second person owns a set of DVDs by now!  You won't be able to purchase it in time before Christmas but you can get it here too.

Edited: Just saw an ad for Zumba DVDs, now being sold at Target!  No excuses!!

I know more people read this blog than are following so please leave a comment of support, I'd love to hear from you!

xxx BNF


  1. I love your enthusiasm and would love to start with you! I just bought a cupcake cook book and will need to counteract the damage done with great timing :)

  2. And now that I know that at least one person is with me, my committment is sealed! Thanks!! BTW, don't weigh yourself, go the tape measure! xx


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