Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Zumba- Day Five (What happened?!)


I can't even bring myself to put the Zumba graphic up as there was no Zumba!

Here are my excuses the facts:
1. Brother-in-law and his wife came and stayed with us for 2 nights
2. Queen sized mattress was in middle of loungeroom floor (my dancefloor!)
3. Rick's decided to go to work today and tomorrow (probably to get out of doing Zumba!) and kids are underfoot
4. Kids are now watching their favourite retro Playschool (80's, gotta love it) and the Zumba DVD just doesn't cut it against Noni and Bonita & Co.

Will I Zumba today?  Hopefully- I must admit I have a new distraction today.  On Monday my friend R, lined up in the Spotlight sale queues to get me a brand new sewing machine.  I haven't opened it yet as my in-laws arrived just after R delivered it.  We are off to Spotlight again today to pick up some accessories.  Sew excited (sorry, couldn't help myself!)  More later about that . . . .

How are you going?  Your comments and emails have kept me motivated, we are over halfway now!!

xxx BNF

1 comment:

  1. Do Zumba after you put the kiddies to bed!! :) That way Rick doesnt get out of it either ahahaha!!!
    Sew excited hahahaha i love your puns!


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