Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dean's crawling!

I thought it was never going to happen and that Dean would just go straight to walking.  Dean is 10.5 months old and until now was as stationary as a doll- could leave him anywhere and not worry about losing him (like a dog with no legs! ha).  But about 2 weeks ago, Dean decided he had enough with whinging and started actually trying to move but he wants to walk.  He finally has realised that he doesn't have the core stability just yet and is giving crawling a go.  Well, I am calling it crawling as it is getting him from A to B.  First he would roll to get around, then he did this caterpillar movement (quite hilarious and beyond my ability to describe!) and yesterday, bonafide crawling, if you call scampering around on all threes crawling!  Yes, he is kind of dragging one leg around in a kind of cocked position ready to stand and walk (he must think just in case he has to get up and run but meanwhile he looks like a wounded animal or amputee!).  Truly a funny sight, but kids are like that, funny.

Liam (2.25 y/o) has not really taken much interest in his little brother.  He would play in his company but not with him.  Occasionally, the two would look at eachother and just fall about in fits of hysteria, a joke that is known only to the two of them.  And only the other day I was telling a friend on facebook that I can leave the two alone together and not worry about Liam doing anything to Dean- all that changed today (what, can Liam read my facebook posts now?!).  Today, Dean decided to take a leisurely crawl through the living room when Liam thought that he would hitch a ride!  I was on the computer and looked up when I heard a blood curdling scream from Dean to find that Liam had jumped on his back and Dean had gone SPLAT like a flat pancake on the floor with Liam 'giddy-upping' on his back.  Far out!  I thought Liam was going to kill him!  Liam is by no  means a big boy but he is boney and thumpy when he lands on you (believe me, I have the bruises to prove it!).  Tears, sorries and kisses later, all is good.  I love my boys - they scare me and give me joy constantly!

So, the fridge came yesterday and only about a third of our food got thrown.  It was a hot day but whatever couldn't fit in the esky, was placed under the artic winds of the aircon.  All is good.  Ate party food last night and topped it off with a Maggie (Magnum- almond flavour- I'm affectionate about my sugary food). 

Still going good on the 2 meals thing but I think that I must now work on reducing my actual meal sizes and perhaps should not eat desserts- it isn't as pleasurable as it was last week- maybe I am detoxing afterall!

I've come up with next week's challenge, and believe me this is a challenge big time.  I am going to start, no excuses, toilet training Liam.  Yes, it is time!  Problem is I have recently baked a batch of Happy Bickies (Walnut Maple Cookies) that are loaded with linseed and Liam can't get enough of them and in return he can't poo enough!  Loaded nappy after loaded nappy!  This will be interesting.

My other challenge is to get some photos up on this blog.  You'd think with the new camera and all, I would be snap happy but I warned you, I am not an early adopter of new things.  It takes time.  I figure with one person following me (hi Jenny), I can take my time (sorry Jenny- working on it I swear!)

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