Thursday, December 30, 2010

Zumba - Day Seven

Day Seven

As my facebook friends would already know, my 2 year old son Liam surprised me yesterday.  Liam knows how to use the DVD player (he is very careful with the DVDs so we let him- despite the old bit of drool or fingerprints!!).  I was on my computer when I heard the Zumba music playing and was surprised to see that Liam had put it on despite the pile of Bob the Builder, Playschool and Toy Story 3 DVDs sitting there.  And not only that, he was doing ALL the moves!  I was sooo impressed.  He continued his routine as I skyped my sister in Berlin, Germany.  At first I thought he was doing the Beginners but later realised that it was the ADVANCED one.  Way to go Son!  Hahaha, infact, as I am typing this, Liam has put the DVD on again!!  Hahaha, he's put on the Abs, Buns & Thighs and is just sitting on the couch (slightly miffed as to why Beto and Natalie are lying on their backs on the floor and not jumping around- oh well, he's going with it!). He is as crazed as I am.

I have failed you the last couple of days with not only NOT doing the Zumba Challenge but not even updating you!  House guests and then ferral kids is the excuse reason.  So today, inspired by my 2 year old, I thought I would do the Advanced session hoping to make up for 2 days of not doing it.  Boyoboy, Advanced is hard (for me anyway!).   Liam ran circles around me - no really, he did!  As I was doing the moves, Liam was literally running in a circle around me!

Me: "LIAM! Stop that or you are going to get hurt!"
Liam: "hahahahahahahahaha- aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh" as he goes flying across the room from my leg kick (part of routine- I was watching the DVD not Liam!)
Me: "LIAM!  Are you ok?!"
Liam: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA" gets up and continues to jump around my legs, run in circles and grab my legs trying to run UNDER me! 

This continues several times!!  Eventually he gives up and Zumbas to the side of me.  Fun workout!

Liam has now given up on the Abs, Buns & Thighs and has now gone to Beginners.  Strange child.

Do you have children?  What funny foibles do they have?  I love hearing what other people's kids get up to - I'm comforted to know that there are other crazy kids out there too!

Have you been Zumbaring?  How do you feel?

I feel great apart from the ferral kid situation where I have had reduced sleep and have comfort eaten (stacks of christmas chocolates in our fridge!!)- I have noticed that when I have eaten chocolate, I don't feel so spritely a couple of hours later.

I would love to hear from you!

xxx BNF

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