Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We are NOT ready!

I've heard many times that toilet training will happen when the toddler is ready.  I agree but I thought that perhaps I was holding Liam back because I wasn't ready.  You see, life hasn't been smooth sailing and moving to Port Stephens was going to be where I achieve all that I have put off.  Good news is, I am not holding my son back from abandoning the nappies the bad news is, Liam is not abandoning the nappies.  Oh well- not yet anyway.  This challenge is temporarily shelved.  I chatted with my fellow mum friends who gave me awesome advice (thanks ladies!) and checked out the internet like Essential Baby - Toilet Training Tips

To prove to you that I indeed have two little men in my life, here they are . . . .

Liam aged 2 years

Dean aged 11 months
 I am so grateful for my children - life's biggest paradox!  The only thing that can keep me sane and drive me mental all at once.  But that is love really isn't it? 

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  1. I love the photos on the blog - they are great photos of the boys. EB is so helpful for advice, especially on the toilet training. If Liam isnt ready, there is no point pushing - it only stresses you and Liam. Wait a bit - you have plenty of time. Just as long as he is not wearing nappies on his first day at school it is all good :-)


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