Monday, December 27, 2010

Zumba - Day Four

Day Four

Me: "Rick are you going to Zumba with me or continue napping on the bed?"
Rick: "I vacuumed and mopped the floor, that has to coun-"
Me: "No!  I heard that excuse yesterday about mowing the lawns!"
Rick: "But I mopped with heaps of hip swaying"
Me: "Not buying it, get up!"
Rick: "Alright!!"

And so began day 4 of the Zumba challenge.  Rick likes to play 'hard to Zumba' but he really loves it!  Today, he got really into it!

And so did Dean!

Dean's rubber-necking trying to see the next move on the DVD
Me: "Aww, can you feel it in your legs?!" puff puff
Rick: "No, I'm fit!" smug smug
Me: "Well . . .  I'm co-ordinated!!"

Time to have a shower!  How did your Zumba go today?

xxx BNF


    I love it! I always look forward to these blogs, just brightens up my day!! x

  2. I must admit I haven't :-(
    Since I skipped it on day 2 also, I got slack and gave up, so will have to start again TODAY. I love that you kept going even tough you missed a day!
    Your boys are really into it! Love the pics! Your enthusiasm must be very catchy at your place :)


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