Monday, December 6, 2010

*sing* Monday Monday

The boys and I haven't been to our regular Monday morning playgroup in weeks!  It seems that something is always happening on Monday from babysitting other children to disease and mayhem! 

Today it is waiting on the delivery of our new fridge!  Yay!  The current fridge is so loud that everytime time it switches itself off it makes a racket like someone just cracked a joke- boom-boom boom ching!  And the frost-free function should be rented out to the ski fields for snow making!  But it is 11 years old, bought before I settled down and I think all married couples should get new white goods in the early years - its like planting a tree, as the years go on, so do the fridgy memories . . . all the different food fads, disasters and so on. 

The other thing about this fridge is that it is an 'upside down' fridge.  Why do they call them upside down?  Surely having the freezer on the top is upside down?!  The freezer on the old fridge hardly ever got visited which it enjoyed reminding me.  Everytime I opened the jolly thing, the door would silently glide back towards close, bumping my arm so irritatingly, over and over again, like a nagging child.  And the other consequence of having the fridge section at the bottom meant that the 'crisper bin' resembled more like a compost bin!  I have been having fantasies about opening the new fridge and seeing at eye level all the contents of my fridge and not needing to worry about my produce amnesia as there it is all before me!!  Can't wait!!

Due to my poor planning, I have a freezer full of food that I fear will go off as I don't think that you can start up a newly delivered fridge for a couple of hours (must remember to check the manual before plugging in - or can I trust delivery men for advice?).  So tonight is going to be a freezer feast!  Spring rolls and cheesey parcels (party food- yum), magnums and vegie patties . . . interesting mix really- mmm might need to rethink if I don't want to get a belly ache.

Ok, so today is also the second day of my 2-meals-a-day challenge.  So far so good.  I have decided to tackle the hunger pains with a concoction of water, lemon juice (1 lemon), maple syrup (2 tsp) and 1/2 tsp of cayenne pepper (extra hot!). I put it all in a 1L bottle and have been swigging ever since.  Cayenne pepper is good for the blood and I am hoping it is good for clearing out fuzzy brains!  So, I expect to be eating a meal at 11 am and then dinner at 5pm (swigging my spicy cocktail in between - hope my pee won't sting!)

Gotta go, BB just landed on my lap and despite doing my pelvic floor exercises I am not confident in my 'long-range tanks' anymore.

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