Sunday, December 26, 2010

Zumba - Day 3 (christmas post-mortem)

Day 3
I think I better start with my confessions:

1. My Zumba work-out goes for 42 mins (not 1 hr)
2. I didn't Zumba yesterday (Day 2 - Christmas)

I had all good intentions of Zumbaring on Christmas but it was scheduled for after we got back from Forster.  We left rather late and didn't get back until 10.30pm by which stage I was very very tired.  I am not beating myself up for it.  I hardly ate anything despite yesterday being Christmas, the annual eat-yourself-silly-day AND this challenge was to counteract the anticipated gorging which didn't actually happen. So there, rationalised and justified!

I must say though, I am seriously thinking about renaming my Zumba routine to Bumba (as in fatty-boombah) due to the amount of latino-style jiggling that continues on my body long after I've stopped dancing!!  Nevermind, a work in progress.

This is how my Zumba went today:

Me: "Rick honey, you wanna Zumba or are you just going to lie on the couch?"
Rick: "I mowed the lawns this morning, I think that should count towards the Zumba Challenge"
Me: "Ok, but don't look at me, you can watch the chicks on the telly do it"
Rick: "Alright, if I have to!"

And then after the workout I go and give Rick a cuddle:

Rick: "Babe, go and have a shower"
Me: "Do I smell?!"
Rick: "No, you are sticky and I am fresh, don't cross contaminate me!"

Goodness gracious me.

How did you go yesterday?  Anyone putting me to shame?  Keep it up, only 7 more workouts!

Here are my christmas treasures

L-R: one of my gorgeous 'steppies' Matt, Liam, Dean and Rick
I hope you are all enjoying this time-off with your families and friends- eat as much as you like if you are on the Zumba Challenge as it won't stick around.



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    I think you need to write a blog about conversations you have with Rick! They make me laugh so much! Cross contaminate hahahah!!!!
    Rick - unless you were shaking your booty whilst mowing the lawn, i don't think it counts! haha!


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