Sunday, December 5, 2010

What happened to my Sunday?

As anyone with kids will attest, the day can disappear so quickly when you don't want it to!  I love the pace of Sunday.  Yes, some cleaning and washing often occurs in the mornings (hubby doing the lawns or messing about with his boxes of tools and toys) but the rest of the day is a mystery - what shall we do today?- endless possibilities (paradoxically, kids-allowing) . . .  a morning of sheer optimism!  So today, Hubby and I decide that it is about time we got ourselves a decent camera and off we trot to the local Homemakers.

Being Sunday, most shops don't open for trade til 10am and being us, we arrive at 9 am!  But the Westfield across the street obliged us with coffee, choc banana smoothie for Liam and a run around.  I bought a trifle bowl (tired of presenting christmas trifle in an old glass mixing bowl) and a pressie for my friend.  Oh what a perfect morning with the kids being so well behaved.  Usually a trip to the shops entails a couple minor tantrums and even the kids get upset!  But today, all good. . . . until we went to Homemakers, seeking out the Goodguys.   Well, Hubby says that he knows exactly what he wants and won't be long so I should just stay in the car with the boys.  The boys were behaving brilliantly for me (wish they did that for Hubby when they were waiting for me whilst I tried on bras a couple of weeks ago- wouldn't have rushed and bought a boulder disaster).  It was hot today so I had the fan going, and BB and LB love their CD so I played it.  20 mins goes by and they are still fine but the radio cuts out.  25 mins and I think uh-oh . . . so I turn off the fan.  30 mins and we are cooking, kids are both crying and I am wondering where the heck Hubby is.  I ring to tell him to hurry and that I am going to turn on the engine for air con.  Then I phone him back to tell him the car won't start!  NRMA say that they will meet me at Bunnings (like where?) in about an hour- NO WAY, not with two little kids crying for naps and cool air. 

I am so glad I am not living in Sydney anymore.  You can certainly ask people for help and quite often people will help you but it seems to come with an irritance, or they ignore you hoping you won't ask so that they don't feel obliged to help.  When I was pregnant with BB, I fainted at the bus stop and the 5 other people standing in the queue with me didn't help me up, ask if I was ok or help me get on the bus- all of them infact left me there and scrambled on the bus!  Today, feeling like I was going to have to be forthright, boldly asked a man for help and you know, he did very obligingly.  Hubby had wondered off to find help too and was met with the same friendliness- I love this place!  Not even 10mins later, we are back on the road and I am cancelling NRMA.  And to top it off, Hubby loves his new camera.

We have just come home from an early dinner out with a couple of friends and their family.  My friend passed her medical exams- exams that doctors take 6 months off to study for but R did it in 5.5 weeks.  I am sooo proud of her- she's a legend.  And tonight we celebrated as best as we can on a school night with little kids in tow.  But it was lovely and my kids love her kids and the night was great.  Home early, kids in bed only 1 hour passed usual bedtime and no washing up. 

Now for this week's challenge: eating only 2 meals per day instead of 3+.  I am not active enough to justify the amount of food I consume.  So the challenge started today (being the first day of the week) and was achieved with no problem.  But today I had plenty of distractions.  Tomorrow the real challenge will begin.  What do I hope to achieve? Clearer thinking and weightloss.  I'll let you know how I go!

For now, it is time to get ready for bed.  Good night.

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