Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I've Got Knits : a beanie for a birthday boy

modelled by Liam

I knitted up this little beanie for friend's 3rd Birthday.  Such a quick knit and fun to do.  I have never done an i-cord and was delighted that it was very easy (don't you just love how it curls over at the top- makes a good loop to hang on a hook!).  And yes, like my other beanies, I got the pattern from this book.

Happy Birthday Ezra!  (Your party was heaps of fun too!)



  1. ooh what an adorable beanie...I have been thinking more and more of winter knits to make, I need to make a start if I'm to finish them in time :)

  2. Ezra is soooo pleased with his beanie! You are so clever - it is very beautifully knitted!


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