Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Gift :: punchbowl

I never used to really appreciated the bowl of punch.  But now, I feel a summer's party is not complete without a bowl of icy, fruity, juiciness . . . I just don't think about who may have sneezed in it!

Back in January we had a party for my baby Dean to celebrate his turning a whole digit - 1!  I had all the ingredients for punch but no punch bowl.  In steps my gorgeous friend, who whipped home and grabbed hers (60+ min round trip).

And again, only a couple of weeks ago, whilst tripping in Orange, Her Gorgeouness found this in a little op shop for $10!  Complete with cups and a proper punch ladle (not like the soup ladle I used previously)

I am indeed a blessed woman to have such a wonderful friend.

Here was my list punch ingredients:

grape juice
tinned fruit salad
lemon slices
mineral water

I vary it depending on what's in the cupboard. 

What's your favourite combo?  A bit of dry ginger ale or gallons of lemonade?


  1. I love punch but have never made it myself. May need to invest in a punch bowl (see them quite regularly at op shops) for summer :)

  2. I absolutely Love Punch!! And make it quite often when I have guests around.. I use some fruit juice, lemonade, ginger ale and generally some crushed fruit, or whatever I have....

  3. Oh I have one of these just like it with all the bits...I inherited it from my mum. It is so fun to bring out at parties...nothing like floating citrus fruit around in it.


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