Monday, March 28, 2011

I've Got Knits :: a beret for Niamh

I made a beanie for Niamh's little brother recently and thought that I would like to make one for her too.  Having never met Niamh, I asked her Mummy what her favourite colours are.  Yellow!  But I only had a small amount so I worked what I had in as best as I could (I'm still a beginner!).

My husband doesn't look at my blog, when asked he said: "I don't have to, you tell me everything".  Which is sad but true!  I told him that I can't speak in pictures so he will have to venture into my blog at some point!  And therefore, he doesn't know that I made our son model a girl's beret! Robyn-doll also wanted in on the action so she insisted on posing with it too.

I was recently told by a lovely lady who is teaching me sewing that a sign of a great seamstress is unpicking.  I hope this translates to knitting too. I knitted this beret Friday afternoon, then packed the kids up for a weekend in Forster.  When I came home Sunday afternoon I looked at the beret and wasn't happy with it so I unravelled about one third and reworked.  Now I feel much better.  This project was not on my list so I better stop deviating and get focused!


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  1. You are certainly on a roll with your this beret and I am sure it's new owner will adore it.


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