Monday, March 14, 2011

I've Got Knits :: A beanie for a little girl . . .

This knitting bug has really taken hold of me.  How easy are beanies?!  Yay for beanies, a knitting-junkie's quick fix.  As I don't have daughters, my long time friend Robyn-Doll said she'd gladly step in as a model (what a good friend! She was a little dismayed at not being able to find her eye lashes though . . )

I got the pattern from this book.

I really like that three different stitch pattern combos, (rib, seed stitch and stocking stitch) make this simple beanie look fabulous.  But the cherry on the cake is the knitted rosette, no?  A very quick knit in the front and then back of the stitch creation.  I am feeling inspired and hope that this little feeling grows into full-blown creativity as I would love to design my own beanies!

I hope the little girl it is going to loves it as much as I do!  I might have to make an adult size version for myself.

Anything taken a hold of you lately?


  1. Beanies are so cool! And you've done an amazing job here! You could even think about knitting professionally you know. There was a great shop in Bondi near the beach many years ago, where they would knit up any design for you and had so many of their own of everything. I have since tried to find a similar place but haven't had any luck. Keep it up! You've definitely got yourself another gift ;)

  2. Fiona its so lovely!! Congratulations on the knitting skills! So impressed

  3. Yep, knitting for me too.
    I've just been on Ravelry for the last half an hour loking at different beanie patterns. Yours is a lovely one indeed.
    have a great week.


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