Sunday, April 3, 2011

Off The Hook :: Hello Granny

I can knit and generally follow a knitting pattern but when I look at crochet patterns I am completely lost!  It may aswell be computer code or swahili! 

My new lovely friend Pam, showed me a few crochet moves a couple of weeks ago but then I lost my crochet hook!  So today, with new hook in hand and my new personal instructor Pip, I whipped up this little granny square.  I am so proud!

I showed it to Rick who says: "is it meant to have all those holes in it?" 
Me: "it's crocheting, not knitting, it is meant to have all those holes in it"
Rick: "yeah but they look so uneven, some are heart shaped"
Me: "I only just started!" (Perhaps he's more used to seeing my even knitting.)

Me: "Wow, I am so excited that I can now crochet - I'll have a lovely little dashboard cover for your ute in no time!" *smiling*
Rick: "No you won't" (he's happy that I am happy but that is where it ends hahahaha)

So, I will keep hooking yarn and will have a bonefide granny rug in no time. Actually, that is a full on lie!  I have too many knitting and sewing projects on the go - crochet creations are prioritised last unfortunately.

What is your main craft and what do you do to break it up?


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  1. Good for you the few weeks that I have finally mastered the art of crochet I have become completely addicted!!!
    I don't have one main craft but I do like to break up chunks of crafting with different varieties.


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