Thursday, April 21, 2011

O Wow Thanks! :: Ninjabread Men

You may recall my request for Ninjabread Men cutters for Christmas?

My dear friend Lesley trapsed all over sydney looking for them for me!  What a sweetie!  They had apparently sold out pretty quickly and were only for christmas.  But my clever friend kept asking at every Howard Storage World she came across and eureka! she found them!  Apparently someone had ordered them and never collected and now they are mine.  Yay!  Thank you sooooo much Lesley!!

We couldn't wait to ice them - they were so yummy!  I used this recipe



  1. What a great score and how cute are they? My 8yo would love these!
    I am guessing there will be a lot more ninjabread making happening in your house now.

  2. We got a set recently from Robyns Kitchen. I also bought a nifty little silicone icing pen which was a bit of a fiddle to use but decorated the ninjabread men really well! I blogged about it here:

  3. They are so cool. My boys would love them.


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