Monday, April 25, 2011

O Wow Thanks! :: Cushions

Hello!  Thank you for your responses to yesterday's post.  I really appreciated the comments here, on my facebook page and for the personal emails I received.  I have been truly blessed with your kindness.  Did you have a good Easter?  What are you doing today for ANZAC Day?  I have been a bit lost in my bubble of melancholy . . . . to think of all the lives lost during war is a bit much for me right now.   So, I made more jam doughnuts last night, and have just eaten one (after a nuke in the microwave) . . . with a cuppa . . . one son is sleeping the other is watching Toy Story with Rick.  A rainy day with family . . . God is good.

Let's talk about something happy!

My husband says I have too many cushions, even after I have culled two thirds!  I love the promise of comfort when you look at a plush cushion.  I love what one cushion can do to a room; inject colour, tone and comfort.  Cushions can make a dull room come to life!  And if you are like me, you can use cushions to change the feel of the room at a whim.

How much more do I love cushions when a talented friend makes them for me!  My generous sweet friend Lesley (of the Ninjabread cutters fame) made these.  Isn't she clever?

It looks like there are 12 cushions but there are actually 6!  Clever Lesley put a different fabric pattern on the other side so that I can mix n match til my heart's content! (she knows me soooo well).

In return, all I could make for her was my Lemon Curd which she loves (thank goodness).

You know, it is a real blessing to have material items but I love these cushions because they are a reminder of my friend, of our friendship.  I cherish her friendship and will do long after these cushions have lost their plushy-goodness, when they are covered in food stains and childrens' vomit although I will do everything I can to stop that from happening!

Do you have something that you cherish because of who gave it to you?


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