Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Book Loving :: God is a Knitter too!

I have recently discovered the wonderful writings of Max Lucado.  He captures God's love perfectly in his children's books, so much so that I find myself captivated.

God Thinks You're Wonderful is the first of his books to make it to my little library.

He writes so simply yet captures the essence of God for little children (and big kids aka me) so concisely.

And he reminded me today that God is a knitter too!  God knitted us, using our mother's womb.  He knitted my children, using my womb.  I love that analogy, not just because I knit but because the process of knitting is highly tactile and personal.  Every garment I knit, the entire length of yarn used has passed through my fingers, not an inch I haven't touched.  The process is time consuming and I do it as a labour of love.  Each garment is unique and covered in my fingerprints.



  1. Oh that is wonderful , thanks so much for showing us !

  2. Oh I love the pages you have shown...I think we'll be adding his books to our collection.

    A beautiful post Fi!!


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