Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthday Boy (oops Man)

My marvellous hubby celebrated another birthday last week.  We aren't a birthday-gift-giving couple - we buy eachother presents together throughout the year as "just 'cause pressies".  So, not breaking with tradition, I didn't really get him anything!  Yes, I ordered a photography book yet to be delivered but nothing on the day. 

So later in the week, I organised with the help of my lovely friend Shelley, a little dinner gathering of Rick's older kids (bar one and his wife) as a surprise (they all live 1.5 hours away).  And he was surprised.  Rick's love language is acts of service so I think I hit the nail on the head with this one.

We dined on baked lemon & thyme chicken, roast potatoes, homemade yorkshire puddings (because Aldi discontinued them again!), steamed vegies and garlic bread.  Followed by the easiest of easy desserts: Apple Crumble!

And this is our favourite beverage at the moment that Rick drinks "despite it being pink"!

Plus, I must thank Ms Rita for taking the photos as I was tangled in dishing dishes and toddler wrangling. xx

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